You Fit You® Affiliate Guide

Thank you for joining us on this journey as a You Fit You affiliate. This is a brief guide for posting our products on social platforms and websites.

  • BE YOU! We want you to be your true self when posting. You helped shape this piece, so you MUST be your authentic self when you wear it.
  • When posting a static pic or vid, try to reverse/mirror the image, so the design appears readable.
  • If possible, show the details of the garment design.
  • We ask that you not show the garment in a negative light or show frustration with it. Such as throwing off because it's too hot at the moment.
  • As an affiliate, the more you post, the more potential you have to earn. We understand you want to keep your content interesting for your followers. We recommend you mix it up and space it out. A reel one day, a story another, post etc... you know what works for your community.
  • This probably goes without being said, but please tag us when you post about the garment.
  • HAVE FUN :)

Starter post messaging suggestion:

Here's a suggestion for post/caption copy. Please feel free to make it your own :)

"I'm so excited about this pump cover designed for me with @youfityou They make custom merch that says what YOU want! It was so easy collabing with them to make this (insert garment type) idea a reality! If you want to order my design just use the link in my bio (or however you link out)."